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The GESON ENTERPRISE CO., LTD (CHIAU CHENG) was established in Oct. 1965 and has been devoted to the development of automotive parts and systems for over 40 years. In fact, we have been building and contributing the remarkable efforts to enhance our capabilities for generating the superior quality, great leading precision and efficient automotive parts by acquiring advanced automated machinery and testing equipment continually. Our main products are including Water Pump System, Hydraulic Pump System, Air Compressor System, Clutch Booster System, and Air Brake System…etc.

Since 1997, with an aim of being maintain our competitiveness particularly in the global marketplace. We have undoubtedly launched a program to form and progress the more functions of turbocharger with additional utilities such as, high efficiency, environmental friendly and diminution in volume, and then successfully introduced the first generation of CHSH brand Turbocharger in April 2000.

Our turbocharger not only meets all the strict testing and quality requirements, also has been qualified and positively praised by the “Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI)”, which has long been acknowledged as one of the top industrial technology research organization in Taiwan. Indeed, we are currently the only company which having this unique industrial capacity of producing such type of products in Taiwan! Additionally, our developing program of turbocharger was awarded and subsidized by the “SBIR” program launched by the Ministry of Economic Affairs which also mainly encourages small business to engage in product development. Furthermore, we’ve also been selected the best qualified business enterprise by Ministry of Economic in the end of 2002 and awarded “Star Luminescent Award” as the recognition and affirmation for our recent achievement.

With the purpose of being more successful, there are four basic principles which significantly adopted and completely practiced as the parts of CHSH’s long-term business developing strategies:


Realization of production automation and computerized manufacturing process control.
Utilization of high-end testing equipment as well as advanced quality control methods.
Be experienced, professional and innovative in technology development continually.
Honesty is constantly being one of the key concerns as the internal and external industrial spirit and attitude to the clients.


In the future, via applying the four main approaches above for CHSH’s further innovating and developing high-precision products and all ranges of turbochargers persistently and certainly, discovering the appropriate partnership and creating the “Win-Win” aspect for both or more cooperating parties in order to benefit and satisfy all the clients needs.

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